Koto Tea Space – Exclusive Japanese Tea Experience

Space for Tea Lovers

Peaceful mind, inspiration and energy.
You’ll have small but precious tea time at Koto Tea Space.

About Koto Tea Space

Koto Tea Space is specialized Japanese tea shop in Bang Rak, Bangkok.
We provides qualified Japanese tea with seasonal sweets.
The sweets are made of local ingredients with Japanese craftsmanship.
Enjoying tea is like savoring a part of nature.
It invigorates the body and refreshes the mind.

Certificate as professional Japanese tea advisor

At Koto there are two Japanese tea advisors, which are certified by Japanese Tea Instructor Association.
Not only professional knowledge, but also we’ve visited tea producers to learn practical knowledge and keep update the trends.

Unique values we provide

1.  Space for enjoying qualified Japanese tea

Japanese tea is delicate.
Small difference changes your impression.

For example,
-Storage of tea,
-Brewing method
-Tea wears
-Atmosphere etc.

If you want to experience the best tea, you need to prepare these conditions.
Koto tea space selects qualified tea from Japan and provides with best way of brewing.

2. Introduce Japanese craftsmanship around tea industry

Uniqueness of Japanese tea is not just tea product itself.
There are networks of craftsmanship and culture.

In Japanese tea there are a lot of stories behind the craftworks.
At Koto, you’ll see variety of tea, tea wears and feel the excellence of Japanese craftsmanship.

3.  Japanese tradition localized in Thailand

We design our space appreciated by people in Thailand.
Japanese tradition is cultivated in Japan.
If in Thailand, Japanese tea culture can be adjusted in the environment.

If you are lucky, you have chance to try our special sweets paring with Japanese tea.

Examples of products and service

We offer special events.
If you are interested in, please add LINE to receive the updates.

Tea tasting

The tea taste and flavor is different depending on cultivar, area, producers.
For example tasting matcha from different cities in Japan.

Buy qualified Japanese tea

You can select Japanese tea which matches with your preference.
We have variety of tea and help to find ones based on tastes and flavors you like.

Workshop about Japanese tea

In workshop we provides the basic knowledge about Japanese tea and matcha.
Since we have certificates of Japanese tea advisor we can provide legit information.

Tea paring with sweets (Koto Tea Experience)

Special course menu of Japanese tea and homemade sweets.
There are exclusive menus we don’t normally serve.

Customer review

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Itthiwadee Chinsumran
Itthiwadee Chinsumran
โชคดีมากที่จองคิวได้ สามารถwalk-inได้ แต่จะสั่ง a-la-cart ได้เท่านั้น แนะนำติดตามกิจกรรมในเพจ
ร้านบรรยากาศดี ชาดีมาก ขนมอร่อย บริการดี ความรู้เเน่นๆเลยค่ะ จอดรถที่ รร เลอบัว กับ โรบินสันบางรักได้
Amazing experience
Sven Vandevenne
Sven Vandevenne
Amazing Japanese tea place! The service is both super professional and warm. We felt very welcome, taken care of and as we sipped our tea we realized the quality is really high. Definitely have a look at their teaware, it's worth it. Oh, and if you're into sweets, they serve handmade mochi, which is the first time I see this outside of Japan.
Andri anto
Andri anto
Amazing Teas, Amazing Space, Amazing Pairing Been on a tea tour through Bangkok for over a week, and can confidently say this place is the best, owner talks you through your pairing and chats with you as you go through the course menu and all their home made sweets that pairs well with the tea. You'd certainly learn a lot when you come, although, check their Instagram first before you visit! The day I visit, they had a Muscat Shortcake which was 👌 Thank you Pop and team for welcoming us and for the great teas.
Tone' H.
Tone' H.
You will meet variety of matcha from Japan. They serve only the best together with superior services. This is not only a tea shop but also a Japanese tea cultural knowledge center in Thailand.
JOJO Bangkok
JOJO Bangkok
เปิด ศ-เสาร์ ควรจองมา
Yotin Tiewtrakul
Yotin Tiewtrakul
I think it's good to book something in advance. We did for the 5 course tea experience and were treated with teas from different regions and different styles and exceptionally surprising original sweets. I hope more (local) people discover this place and a new tea culture develops in Thailand.
A Lin
A Lin
Absolutely right to call it a tea space. During my experience, the owners made it like a little community inside the shop more than just a tea house. I could feel the passion, sp much joy and creativity. The only complaint was about the very limited space for sit-in but I could see why it's designed that way. Phenomenal experience.
Michael Komalarajun
Michael Komalarajun
A traditional Japanese tea hidden gem, Koto Tea Space is an intimate, one-of-a-kind experience in Bangkok. Features high-quality imported teas and owners who are passionate and knowledgeable about their craft in a beautiful shop hidden away in the alley. Parking can be difficult, so I recommend walking from public transportation or a taxi.

How to visit Koto Tea Space

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Chance is limited

If you are Japanese tea lover, you’ll have the best experience at Koto.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

For your information our service day and time are limited.
Especially special events keep changing the themes.

Since we provide qualified service and products we need time for experiments, learning knowledge, staff training etc.

If you are interested in, you better to add LINE now not to miss the chance for special offers.

Make your own matcha

The Hands-on Matcha Mini class !

Contact for the latest updates

There are more special workshops about Japanese tea and matcha. Feel free contact us.