Tea Bar Assistant

Opportunity to learn Japanese tea.

Working with us at Koto can be the best option.
You can try many varieties of Japanese tea.
Learn brewing methods for each types.

You can manage the tea bar and serve qualified tea.
Provide the customers with relaxed and peaceful moments.

About Koto Tea Space

Koto Tea Space – 琴 is Japanese speciality shop in Bangkok.
We serve Japanese tea and sweets.
In the relaxing atmosphere people gather and share their interests.

What you can learn

-Learn basic knowledge of Japanese tea
-Taste many varieties of tea
-Brew and serve tea in front of customers

We are happy to share our knowledge.
Tea quality is always changing by season and producers.
Tasting tea will help you develop your sense of tasting and input the knowledge.

Main work at Tea bar

-Prepare and cleaning tea bar area
-Communicate with customer
-Communicate with kitchen team
-Brew & serve tea


-Positive personality
-Good communication skill
-Team work
-Care details
-Interested in Japanese tea and culture


400THB per day
Working time 10:00-18:00 (8 hours with 30 mins break)

Working day

From Thursday to Sunday.
You can work flexibly based on your schedule.


Please submit the application form (Google form).

For any questions please feel free to contact us.

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