Tea Experience

Koto Tea Experience - Japanese Tea Pairing with Seasonal Sweets

Feel the precious moments.
Depth of Japanese tea culture.

Relax, sip a cup of tea with freshly made sweets.
There is experience you can have only at Koto Tea Space.

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Experience beyond tastiness

Japanese tea is getting popular.
You can easily access good Japanese tea especially matcha.

However excellence of Japanese tea is not just taste.
There’s huge story over a cup of tea.
History, Culture, Nature, Tea producer, Craftsman etc.

Through Koto Tea Experience you have chance to touch the world of Japanese culture.
It can be inspirational for your life.

About Koto Tea Experience

Koto Tea Experience is course menu with 3 teas and 5 sweets.
We change the theme by seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter).

Please reserve the seats at least 2 days in advance.
We use precious ingredients and provides freshly made sweets.

Current Tea Experience

Aki 秋

Once in life time…

Time never comes back.
Once you miss the chance, there’s no same opportunity.

If you want to live your life cherishing every moment, please take action now.

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Past tea experience

Natsu 夏

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Haru 春

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Fuyu 冬

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Nagatsuki 長月

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Fumitsuki 文月

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Satsuki 皐月

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Uzuki 卯月

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Yayoi 弥生

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Limited Matcha from Japan


Seasonal course of
Japanese tea and sweets

Koto Tea Experience

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There are more special workshops about Japanese tea and matcha. Feel free contact us.