Koto Tea Experience

At Koto Tea Space we don’t just serve tea and snacks.
We are providing experience through having tea there.

What’s experience?

According to Oxford dictionary the definition of experience is

“the knowledge and skill that you have gained through doing something for a period of time; the process of gaining this”

In my understanding experience is information you’ve received.
We normally receive the information using 5 sensors + language.

-See (Eye)
-Listen (Ear)
-Smell (Nose)
-Taste (Mouth)
-Touch (Skin)

Through these sensors we receive information, which mean we experience.

Milti-Dimensional information

Providing multi-sensory information can be experiential.
However there are some points are missing.
Information have transition of time and levels of abstraction.

Transition of time

When we have excellent tea, we feel the change of tastes and flavors from the beginning to the end.
It means we feel more experience with transition of time than just plain taste and flavor without transition.

Levels of abstraction

Tea is reflection of the producer.
We see the shape and color of the leaves, then feel how passionately the producer cared of them.
The taste and flavor are reflection of the nature.
We feel the water, soil, sunlight through drinking the cup of tea.

Great tea experience takes you into journey of information behind the physical product.

Tea Experience we provide

Based on the discussions above Tea Experience at Koto is,

“Let customer receive multidimensional information through activities related with tea, which include 5 sensors, language, transition of time, levels of abstraction”

To express the concept we provide tea paring course menu.
The menu is changed in each season.
Enjoy the experience you can only have at the moment.

Interaction is another important elements.

Make your own matcha

The Hands-on Matcha Mini class !

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There are more special workshops about Japanese tea and matcha. Feel free contact us.