Gyokuro In UFO… (Shiboridashi)

Gyokuro In UFO… (Shiboridashi)
We serve high grade gyokuro 🌱“Chitose no Homare” from Marukyu Koyamen, the famous blender brand from Kyoto for over centuries.
This Gyokuro exudes extravagant flavor and aroma. With exceedingly high umami and sweetness level, we highly recommend the curious tea people to try at least once.
Incase you want to try something different, we will change for 🌱“Saemidori” gyokuro from Yame, Fukuoka for strong and roasty sweet preference.
Serving 3 g , 3 warm brews with leaf and ponzu or Himalayan salt.

The utensil we choose to brew Gyokuro at Koto is called Shiboridashi kyusu. The flat shape of this tea pot allows the tea leaves to gently unfurl to bring out it’s best natural taste as well as squeezing the last golden drop of this tea.
Our Shiboridashis are crafted by skilled craftmen in Tokoname, Aichi. You can enjoy the tea in artisanal teawares.
🟡 is made by Katayama Hakusan
🔴 is made by Murata Yoshiki
🍵 Gyokuro set: 650 thb.
🤫 if you order Gyokuro set after Koto Tea Experience, we will prepare Mizudashi Gyokuro for you instead of the usual warm brew, this cold brewing style will produce refreshing young green fragrance with even sweeter taste.


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